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Servcorp launches a new five-star coworking space in the heart of Doha

With the rising trend in shared-offices, Servcorp is opening the door to modern ways of working and collaborating in Qatar

Press Release 

23rd January 2018

Doha, Qatar - Nearly 1.2 million people worldwide are working in shared spaces. According to the latest Global Coworking Survey, the number of coworking spaces worldwide is approaching 14,000 and is growing at a rapid rate, almost doubling every year. Qatar, with its thriving start-up and entrepreneurship ecosystem, is no exception to this trend. Today Servcorp Qatar, the leading premium office space provider, launched a brand new coworking space in Doha, in the presence of His Excellency Dr Axel Wabenhorst, Australian Ambassador to Qatar, as well as Mrs. Aysha al-Mudahka, CEO of Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) and Alain Valiquette Head of Incubation for QBIC tourism and start-up coach.

“Qatar is a key target market for Servcorp. We see a growing demand for more flexible and cost-effective solutions from a new profile of customers and businesses operating in Qatar,” commented Mrs. Fabienne Hajjar, Servcorp Senior Manager. “It is a proven fact that people thrive in coworking spaces in terms of networking, creativity and efficiency. Servcorp actually offers much more than a coworking space. We offer a community of like-minded people sharing the same values and the same willingness to collaborate, learn and exchange. The new Servcorp coworking space is open for business and welcomes visitors to check-out our location.”

Located on the 14th Floor in Commercial Bank Plaza at the heart of the business area in West Bay, the new Servcorp coworking space offers impressive views at 148m high, over the sea, Al Corniche and is immediately available to local and international companies, start-ups and independent professionals looking for innovative working solutions. Providing the world’s finest workspace solutions and moving away from traditional spaces, the fully equipped and furnished coworking space offers a ready-made solution for companies looking to establish a branch office, entrepreneurs needing a flexible office space or local businesses currently cutting their operational budgets and looking for more flexible solutions to host their teams, meetings and business.

Mrs. Aysha al-Mudahka, CEO of Qatar Business Incubation Center welcomed the opening of Servcorp coworking space: “An inspiring, collaborative and modern working environment is crucial to spark new ideas and to boost business opportunities. QBIC is empowering local entrepreneurs to build and grow their companies. So far, we incubated more than 50 companies and are hosting more than 300 Lean Start-up graduates who will be soon looking for a strategic location to operate, with high degree of flexibility and cost-efficiency. Servcorp is the ideal solution for ambitious entrepreneurs in Qatar.”      

Depending on the package, Servcorp coworking space offers clients access to hot desks or dedicated desks, boardroom and meeting rooms, secretarial support in addition to a wide range of other benefits. Most importantly it also allows members to collaborate and network locally, and with Servcorp operating in 23 countries, in over 160 locations, members can connect with 40,000 clients globally, one of the world’s largest business communities.

In line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030 in building a self-sustainable society and diversifying its economy, Servcorp aims to serve this vision by paving the way for a flourishing ‘gig-economy’ in Qatar.

Link to Servcorp website: http://www.servcorp.com.qa/en/

About Servcorp: 

Founded in 1978 in Sydney, Australia by Alf Moufarrige, CEO, Servcorp offers the World's Finest Workspace Solutions and operates in 23 countries, 54 cities and in 160+ locations globally.

Our history - Alf Moufarrige embarked on a new business venture in 1978. Like any new business starting out or expanding in a new market, he required an office, a receptionist and secretarial support. With a piece of chalk in hand and just his enthusiasm, passion and a clear vision of his “shared office accommodation” concept, Mr. Moufarrige pioneered the Serviced Office and Virtual Office space and thus Servcorp was started. He took the chalk and drew the surrounding offices on a carpet. As soon as he sold one office, he began building the next one. Within a year Servcorp occupied two floors in the MLC Center in Sydney and one floor in Melbourne. Since 1978 Servcorp has evolved from a small, Australian, family-run business to a respectful and successful multinational publicly-listed organization.

Servcorp is now, the world leader in high quality Workspace Solutions including Serviced, Virtual office and Coworking space products and IT services.

To keep up with the ever changing demand of shared workspace, Servcorp has invested $30 million on Coworking space, modern design augmentations and enhancements to its technology infrastructure to improve workflow, connectivity and personalization, and create the ultimate flexible office space ecosystem. Our Business was founded on one principle: by reducing your costs and sharing your overhead, your business will succeed.

Servcorp not only provides affordable access to the best locations in the best cities around the world, but also premium facilities, multimillion dollar technology and dedicated professionals crucial to making your business successful.

Alain Valiquette QBIC Head of Incubation; Fabienne Hajjar, Servcorp Senior Manager; Aysha al-Mudahka, CEO of Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC); His Excellency Dr Axel Wabenhorst, Australian Ambassador to Qatar; Mr. Emad Turkman, Chairman of Qatar British Business Forum (QBBF)

Fabienne Hajjar, Servcorp Senior Manager & His Excellency Dr Axel Wabenhorst, Australian Ambassador to Qatar

Fabienne Hajjar, Servcorp Senior Manager & Mrs. Aysha al-Mudahka, CEO of Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC)

Servcorp coworking space Commercial Plaza Doha