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Qatar today; promising horizons for businesses

January 2013 | Servcorp

Qatar may look like a small dot on the world map, but, in reality, it's more like a rising giant in the business world. This is mainly driven by a government strategy which aims to encourage more investments and affairs through permanently modernized rules and regulations.

In fact, as well as natural resources stored in Qatar's subsoil, the country also possesses a number of constituents, appropriate for a sound environment for investments, such as:

  • A steady and stable political climate, which develops the investors trust and encourages to the pursuance of schemes and projects.
  • Corrective trends in economic systems, aiming to facilitate necessary steps to establish new businesses.
  • Reduced costs and fees imposed on trade and foreign investments, and this motivates international companies to access the Qatari markets.
  • Facilities in customs transactions, and this enables external transactions and trade flows.
  • Availability of necessary infrastructure and this is a significant condition for efficiency in doing business.
  • Financial facilities, essentially through a trusted banking system, and this constitutes a supportive step in the process of facilitating diverse investments.
  • A significant growth in GDP, reaching 6.2% in 2012, moderating around 4.5% in 2013, and the growth trend is expected to be carried on for the following years.

All these are factors that make savvy business people identify real business opportunities in the Qatar's markets, which are modern, stable and growing!

In addition, during the last year, the government has introduced significant reforms with the aim of facilitating business in Qatar. In fact:

  • Qatar made starting a business easier by combining commercial registration and registration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at one step.
  • Infrastructure planned investments, between 2012 and 2019, for around 130 billion USD.

Thus, business enterprises, from diverse industries and of different sizes, can take advantage of growth in Qatar and catch precious opportunities for expansion and profitability. Entering the Qatar market can be hassle-free and cost effective by utilizing a Serviced or Virtual Office solution.

Through Servcorp's serviced and virtual offices, it is now possible to have access to a total business solution which provides these businesses with immediate access to a global network of services ranging from an IT and communications infrastructure to fully equipped premium meeting rooms and executive office suite which can be booked online. This allows businesses to maintain a professional image without having to bear heavy overheads, which hinders profitability.

Servcorp, with its global network of offices, is available wherever there might be a demand for high-quality business facilities, which ensure success and project a distinctive professional superiority.

Thus, accessing the promising markets of Qatar is now possible through an easy and clear path.