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The future starts today

February 2013 | Servcorp

In a proactive initiative towards the young generation, Servcorp opened its offices in Qatar to Lycée Bonaparte's 3rd grade students for a “Discovery Learning Course”, as part of a program aiming to introduce students into the corporate world. One student, Elia, was welcomed at Servcorp's Doha offices for a three day visit, during which he was introduced to the Servcorp's professional atmosphere and taught to appreciate the working hours and corporate guidelines which were certainly a valuable experience for his future.

The participant had the opportunity to learn about Servcorp's virtual offices, the efficient solution enabling subscribers to work from home or any other location, while profiting from a local phone number, professional presence, and a prestigious address for their business.

Servcorp's offices in Qatar which host a number of multinational companies enabled Elia to observe an international business environment consisting of various sectors which is rarely accessible to young students.

He shadowed different team members allowing him to observe the daily activities of Servcorp's highly qualified employees and to understand Servcorp's world class standards. Through this youth-oriented activity, Servcorp is efficiently helping to guide young talents toward higher values. This is certainly the right model of professionalism for the young generation to aspire for!

This learning experience gave him the chance to use one of Servcorp's offices and appreciate Servcorp's powerful technology platform by using the advanced IT and communications infrastructure and online tools which deliver cost savings and productivity benefits to the Servcorp clients.  

This vocational training will certainly affect positively the future of the students, who will be able to better plan their future careers. This initiative is perfectly aligned with Servcorp's mission which resides in helping businesses to grow by providing them with the best office and administrative solutions. As Servcorp helps in developing efficient entrepreneurs by setting the appropriate model for young students to help them succeed in their future business life.

Youth is a critical stage of life, in which experiences are committed to memory and projected in the person's future. This living example of professionalism and real-life success will certainly affect the performance of the participating student, who will consequently share his unforgettable experience with his classmates, friends and family members.

Laudy Lahdo, Servcorp's general manager for the Middle East and Turkey, comments “We believe that the future is the consequence of what we do today and our actions directly influence the new generation. And through this collaboration we hope to be actively participating in shaping a brilliant business future of young entrepreneurs.”