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Your First Step Towards Doing Business in Qatar


Qatar is very much a market where local knowledge is essential for the successful establishment and subsequent operation of a local presence. So I thought to give you a quick overview about some procedures and guidelines on how to establish a new business in Qatar

A. Reserve the company name and activities at the Ministry of Economic & Commerce.

B. Obtain the commercial registration of the company.

C. Deposit the share capital into a temporary bank account within 15 days of obtaining the commercial registration.

D. Obtain the trade license for the company, a 12 month lease against a fit for purpose commercial office space is required.

E. Obtain the company computer card (Immigration card).

F. Obtain the company labor Quota.

G. Obtain the General Manager’s Residence permit.

H. After taking these steps, the company is fully formed and can operate.

Now there are several factors which you need to consider before you take the first step in your business journey, and having a clear answers about these questions will definitely help you to move forward without surprising complications.

  1. Below are some tips which can be helpful:
  2. How I choose my Qatari Partner.
  3. The need of proper office space.
  4. The proper Legal structure of Business.
  5. The need of professional local advice for kick off
  6. The next step after establishing business.

The best way to get answers is to seek the advice of experts to help you develop your action plan, resources, management and support, and familiarize yourself with laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

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