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Five Tips for Small Businesses to Reduce Operational Costs

Although it may not be easy, every small business that wants to succeed in the long run should have a strategy that strictly keeps its operational costs to only what is necessary


Why you should hire a virtual assistant and how to work effectively with one

There are many great reasons for outsourcing work—but it isn’t until you’re swamped that you start considering your options.


Do Businesses Still Need a Landline? The Pros & Cons of a Landline Phone

Now that smartphones are easily available and offer more functionality than a landline phone, is landline still necessary? This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of having a fixed-line phone for businesses big and small.


The new normal of hybrid workspaces and remote work

Now, as the world is forced to refocus on health and safety, telecommuting is creating a new kind of hybrid workspace where employees combine working from home with working on-site.


How to Boost Your Productivity in Remote Work Settings

For employees, the shift to working from home comes with benefits such as reducing commuting times and costs, and improved efficiency and productivity.


Winners in Business Pivot, Grow and Shrink: Evolve with a Flexible Workspace

The numbers are in. Workspaces will change post-COVID. Discover what that means for your business.


How to manage cash flow & reduce overheads

The COVID-19 pandemic has shocked the world and forced people to shield themselves from others in an attempt to stay safe and reduce the risk of catching coronavirus.


Why Office Design Matters

A beautiful, well-considered office design can make all the difference in attracting employees and help existing teams feel more engaged.


Work smart, not hard (or save 572 hours of personal time)

As all business owners will recognise, it can be hard to switch off at the end of a working day or at the weekend, especially if you’re just starting out.


Working remotely is more than a trend

The Coronavirus outbreak is causing chaos for businesses worldwide. With workers unable to even get into their offices and having to work from home, traditional office setups are dealing with some big challenges.


Small Business Marketing: Marketing Ideas on a Low Budget

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while now, there’s a wealth of ways you can do small business marketing for low or no cost.


Workflow Management – How to Manage Masses of Mail

There are countless tools out there, which can streamline the job and give you back your time.


The future of the corporate office in a post-pandemic world

Here is a guide on everything you need to know about the future of the corporate office and how it's evolving.


How to keep your business running smoothly through the coronavirus outbreak – 7 ways Servcorp can help

The coronavirus outbreak is causing chaos for businesses worldwide.


Working from Home | There are ‘virtual’ ways to get things done

With remote work trending, businesses will need to deploy some of these aids.


Working from home tips: How to deal with cabin fever 

If working from home tips you over the edge of sanity, you’re not alone.


Global coworking comes to Qatar

Coworking is the future of business and Servcorp Qatar has reopened the doors to its refurbished 21st floor of the Burj Doha after the opening event on the 29th of April.


The virtual office in Saudi Arabia: an effective step toward your global business

As your business grows and expands, you will face the challenge of ensuring effective global presence, wherever your business may lead you.


Your First Step Towards Doing Business in Qatar

Qatar is very much a market where local knowledge is essential for the successful establishment and subsequent operation of a local presence